This recipe for “golden honey” pan rolls looked fantastic.  Look at that photo!  Unfortunately, I messed up when I was making them.  As usual, I was doing a million other things at the same time and forgot to put in the yeast.  So when the timer went off, I thought the dough looked strange.  That’s when I realized the yeast omission.  I put in the yeast and then let it go through the dough cycle again.

The rolls were good and while the extra kneading didn’t hurt it, I don’t think it helped it much either.  I didn’t put the glaze on the top because 1/3 cup of sugar on top seemed like an awful lot.  But the rolls themselves were good. 

Bread Machine Golden Honey Pan Rolls  Golden Honey Pan Rolls  Bread Machine Golden Honey Pan Rolls

Did they beat these bread machine rolls?  Even though I didn’t put the topping on the rolls, I’m going to say no.