If you’re like me, when I hear “schmear” I think of cream cheese, but apparently, it really means things that go together.

Whatever you want to call it, I thought King Arthur’s recipe for cinnamon schmear scones was awesome.

I didn’t have their cinnamon mixture, but I made my own.  I combined 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1/2-3/4 sugar. 

When you start to mold the dough (after just mixing it so all the ingredients combine), this is a great time to add the cinnamon sugar mixture.  What I did was I’d sprinkle it on, then fold the dough and sprinkle more mixture.  I did this 3 times. 

Cinnamon Schmear Scone Dough  Cinnamon Schmear Scone Dough  Cinnamon Schmear Scone Dough

Then when I divided the dough, I made sure to use the excess mixture to put no the sides.  You could see the three layers.  But as you can probably see from the end result photos, I did over-bake them a little bit.  Bummer, but they still taste pretty good!

Cinnamon Schmear Scone  Cinnamon Schmear Scone

And yes, King Arthur’s recipe is way better than this one.