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Yum, when I was reading the ingredients for this black pepper onion bread, I knew I would love it.  I only made a 1 lb loaf (in case it didn’t turn out), so it’s definitely ugly. 

Black Pepper & Onion Bread  Black Pepper & Onion Bread

There’s not a heavy garlic flavor, but it does have a nice sutle onion taste.  There’s also a hint of the black pepper.

It’d be perfect for sandwich bread or for dinner.

Do you know how when you’re making something, you can just tell it’s going to be good?  Yes, that’s how I felt about this recipe for bread machine monkey bread

I wanted my monkey bread to have cinnamon sugar, so I mixed about 1/2 cup of sugar and 4 TBSP of cinnamon.  I also melted 4 TBSP of butter. 

Then I rolled the dough into balls, dunked into the melted butter, and covered with the cinnamon sugar.

Bread Machine Monkey Bread  Bread Machine Monkey Bread  Bread Machine Monkey Bread

Ridiculously good.  Full of cinnamon sugar goodness, crunchy top, and soft and chewy inside.  Addictive too!

You have to try this recipe!

Yeah, this was a really easy recipe and helped me use this ridiculous amount of cream cheese I had in my fridge (no idea why I had so much!) but on my first attempt, it fell.  I’ve made tons of loafs of bread and have only had a handful that has had this happen. 

Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread Attempt #1  Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread Machine Attempt #1

I made it again and it turned out much better. 

Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread  Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread Machine

But overall, I don’t think I’ll ever make this recipe again.  It was weak on the flavor.  I’d rather eat even a plain wheat bread and put cream cheese and strawberry jam on.

I thought this recipe for honey whole wheat bread sounded good and healthy.  It was super easy.  I put it on the 1.5 loaf, medium darkness, and whole wheat setting.

While you can taste the whole wheat, it wasn’t as bad as some of the recipes!  Next time, I think I’d add a couple more TBSP of honey for sweetness. 

It’ll make good sandwich bread! 

Honey Whole Wheat Bread  Honey Whole Wheat Bread  Honey Whole Wheat Bread

Delicious!  This recipe for bread machine cornmeal bread was incredibly simple — and moist when completed. 

Bread Machine Corn Bread  Bread Machine Corn Bread

I put it as a 1.5 lb loaf, medium darkness, and white bread setting.  Will definitely make this again — especially in the fall! 

It’ll go great with the this easy black bean soup.

The actual name of this recipe is a bit silly so I’m not going to refer to it as such since I cannot imagine telling my friends to bake this bread called, “Honey I’m Home Bread.”  While the name is sily, the bread itself is decent.

The loaf turned out beautifully — I mean, take a look at this photo?  Perfect, yes? 

 Honey Bread  Honey Bread

But the problem I had with the bread was that there wasn’t a strong honey taste.  The texture was soft and there was a hint of sweetness, but not enough for me.  Next time, I would add more honey.  Heck, maybe even experiment with not putting in as much sugar and using honey instead.

I put the mixture on the fruit & nut setting for 1.5 pound loaf. 

It was a great lunch bread though.  I made oven roasted turkey and brie sandwiches…yum.

I love naan bread — it’s one of my favorites.  I found this recipe for homemade naan bread in the bread machine and I have to tell you, it’s pretty good and easy.  I mean, it’s not exactly like the real thing because you probably don’t have a tandoor (or at least I don’t).

BTW, 1 lb of flour is 4 cups.  Make sure your baking stone is hot or this won’t work well.  And don’t worry because the dough will not stick to your baking stone. 

You don’t need to knead it before you roll it out.  I found stretching the dough pretty thin worked best.  Also, I didn’t want to have huge naan so I cut the dough into 10-12 chunks and then rolled it out.  It worked out well.

Naan Bread Dough Chunks  Naan Bread Dough  Bread Machine Naan from 500 to Broil  Naan Bread

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