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My friend “L’s” (remember San Fran?) birthday is Cinco de Mayo (May 5th).  I love when my friends have birthdays on holidays. 

Anyway, her favorite cake is yellow with chocolate frosting and so I sent her this homemade yellow cake with dark chocolate frosting for her birthday.  I didn’t use shortening but substituted butter. 


Yellow Cake Dough  Dark Chocolate Frosting on Yellow Cake

Phew, I used up the very last of my plain yogurt before it expired.  Thankfully, I found this easy and low-fat recipe for swirled zebra cake

A few modifications:

  • Again, I used dark cocoa powder so I put in an additional 2 TBSP of sugar
  • I had to bake the cake for 1.25 hours

You’ll see in the photo that it was really pretty when it went into the oven.  And when it came out, it was also beautiful. 

Zebra Cake Dough  Zebra Cake  Zebra Cake Inside

It was spongy and light with a hint of chocolate flavoring.  Next time, I’d add more chocolate so it has a stronger flavor (maybe even a few chocolate chips) and for the plain side, I’d add vanilla or lemon.  That’d make it even better.  The top part of the cake was a little crunchy from the sugar. 

I’d definitely make it again but with my modifications. 

Sometimes, I wish I didn’t know how to bake because then when I’d have a chocolate craving, I’d just think about it instead of actually making something. Ha ha.

These chocolate chip brownie/cookies are fantastic.  While I had to bake them almost twice as long as the recipe calls for (about 40-50 minutes), they were chewy on the inside and had a great crunchy crust — a perfect combination!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies

After reading this story about a metal spear being in a blondie brownie, I thought about making my own.

So I did a little search for a recipe and tried this one out

To be honest, I didn’t really like this recipe, it kind of reminded me of pretty sweet chocolate chip brownies.  They also deflated when they cooled down. 

I’m still on the lookout for a better blondie brownie recipe.  Know of any?  Otherwise, my Internet searching continues!

Blondie Brownie Dough  Blondie Brownie

My blogging friend VeggieLove mentioned her cheesecake brownie recipe in her comments to my post on the sugar cookie recipe.  I asked if she’d mind sharing it with us and she quickly agreed!  Yay!

I haven’t tried to make them yet, but here is her recipe:

  • You make your standard brownie recipe (mine’s 1.5 sticks butter, 4 squares chocolate, vanilla, and salt, melted together, to which I add 2C sugar, 3 eggs, and 2 c flour) and put it on a greased/waxed/whatever 9 x 13 pan.
  • Then mix 2 packs of cream cheese (I always use low-fat), 2 eggs, 2/3 C sugar, 4 T flour, and some vanilla) , and about a cup of mini-chocolate bits (if you have them) together and pour it over the top.
  • Bake at 375 for 40-45 minutes or until the top browns lightly. Store it in the fridge, to make the cheesecake better. I think the original recipe I had didn’t have vanilla or chocolate bits in it, swirled the cheesecake in, and had half as much cheesecake, so you can definitely play around– but I love the texture contrast of having layers.
  • Oh, and I’ve been wanting to put a cherry or raspberry “pie filling” layer in the middle or drizzled on the top, but that’s not something my eaters are into… worth experimenting with if yours are.

Yet again, I love Receipzaar.  Their contributors offer a lot of great recipes and the nutritional information is always available for the recipes. 

This time, it’s this dark chocolate brownie recipe that’s fantastic!  I’ve made them several times and they always go fast.  They’re a perfect combination of chewy, soft, and crunchy.  This photo doesn’t do it justice, but I promise you that they are good.  These are really dark brownies because I used dark cocoa powder.

Dark Chocolate Brownie

Plus, the ingredients are simple.  If you’re like me, you always have these ingredients on-hand so it’s a quick recipe to make for those unexpected moments (or cravings)!

I promise you that you won’t go wrong with these brownies. 

OK readers, I’ve been paying attention to what you’re clicking/searching for since I’ve started blogging.  I’ve noticed you seem to like the recipes so I’m trying to make sure to include enough to entertain and appease you.

It is in that spirit that I give you the BEST DARK CHOCOLATE CAKE.  You won’t believe how moist and delicious this cake tastes.  You also won’t believe how fast it disappears.  Bravo Hershey’s for creating and sharing this recipe.

I’ve made this cake and frosting several times and it’s always turned out really well.  Yum!

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