Farmers Market

Is it just me or do you find when you’re standing in the grocery store, you’re trying to remember what foods you should buy organic?  I can rarely remember them all. 

Well, I think this guide on the 12 foods you must buy organic will help.   I did know the usual suspects – strawberries, lettuce, milk, and meat.  But potatoes?  I was surprised! 

At my office, we’ve recently been in a bit of a battle on whether Arkansas or Michigan is better.

No, we weren’t talking about the football teams, but the Honeycrisp apples.  There are two varieties – one Arkansas (with the green skin) and Michigan (with the red skin).   

 Arkansas v Michigan (Honeycrisp)

Arkansas v Michigan (Honeycrisp)

We’ve conducted a very informal taste test and have concluded the Arkansas ones seem to be sweeter than Michigan. 

So where can you find these little gems?  I bought my Arkansas ones at the Adams Morgan Farmers Market.   The guy there kept saying, “Best apples ever.”  Of course, I was highly skeptical of his assertion, but I have to admit – he was right.  They were fantastic!   

My colleague gets two orders a week (yeah, they’re that good).  On Wednesdays, she goes to the Foggy Bottom/GW Farmers Market and on Saturdays, Falls Church City Farmers Market.   She says both of these locations have the two different kinds of Honeycrisp apples.