I was catching up on my October issue of Washingtonian magazine the other day and saw this very interesting interview with Trevor Corson, author of The Zen of Fish.    

As part of his book, he says that fresher fish doesn’t always taste better. 

Read here for more tidbits on sushi.  I also think it’s interesting to read this story on sushi etiquette

Ahh, Thanksgiving.  It’s next week — can anyone believe it’s almost here?  Of course, some places have already started playing their Christmas music and bringing out their snowflake cups. 

The cool/fun thing about DC is that a lot of people host their own Thanksgiving celebrations.

It’s in that spirit that I give you a few different Web sites that claim to offer simple Thanksgiving Day recipes. 

And of course, the Butterball Hotline: 800-BUTTERBALL.  You can also find a lot of answers/recipes on their Web site.

Alright, so first off — I’m not a huge canning person.  I don’t know how to do it.  I get why people do it, but I’m a single person living in DC.  It just doesn’t make sense. 

But, I do like corn and was happy to see it’s still offered at the Adams Morgan Farmers Market.

I boiled a few ears until they were cooked.  Then cut the corn off the cob.  Since I only had 5 ears, I didn’t use the angel food cake pan trick. 

The trick is to put the ear of corn in the angel food cake pan and then cut down.  It catches all the kernels.

My mom decided to email me her “trick” to freezing corn.  If you do cook a lot of it, the trick is to put the kernels (off the cob) and add 1 TBSP of milk and 1 tsp of sugar.  Mix it together and then freeze.

I have never done it because to be honest, I don’t have that much corn and it doesn’t last that long in my house anyway.

But thought I’d pass along the trick. 

The District Domestic had a tip the other day on how to chop onions without crying.  I’ve heard that the candle works as well as holding an unlit (seriously, DON’T LIGHT IT) matchstick in your mouth. 

But what I’ve found works is this.  I sharpen the knife I’m using before I chop.  Then I keep my window open (I know, I’m lucky) while I’m chopping. 

Her posting though made me wonder — what tricks do you use to cut through an onion? 

I did a little searching to see what others suggest.  You can click here or here or here

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