It’s not a new term, but one that’s being re-used heavily.  You may have even read about it in Cooking Light/CNN.

Basically, it means you don’t cook/eat meat on a regular basis.  However, a flexitarian will eat meat on occassion.  For example, I know someone who won’t cook meat at home, but if she’s at a friend’s house and is served meat, she’ll eat it.

According to the story in Cooking Light/CNN, it’s a pretty healthy diet.  I think it makes sense and would be a good one to follow.  Although I don’t know if I could follow it as you know how much I love my rotisserie… 

I read a very interesting story this morning by Jerry Shriver, USA Today reporter on the fall food trends, according to 3 Food Network chefs. To summarize:

  • Cat Cora says it’s going to be stronger flavors and more global cuisine.  Also, look out for more “fast casual” dining.

  • Bobby Flay says look out for Mediterranean dishes from countries other than Greece such as Croatia.  He says people are looking for “clean presentations and easier accessibility to their food.”

  • Guy Fieri says local, seasonal, and “artisan style is taking precedent” in food.