I have loved doing this blog for the last year and change.  I loved creating and trying out new recipes.  I ate at a lot of amazing restaurants (and yes, some duds).  But it was fun and entertaining. 

But I’m starting a new and very positive chapter in my life and have decided to spend more time focused on that.  This meant that something in my life needed to go and this was the easiest piece that I could remove.

Thank you for reading this blog and for providing such interesting comments.   I really appreciate your support!

In honor of Paul Harvey, I thought I’d do a brain dump on a few of the restaurants and recipes that I had been waiting to post.  Instead, here’s a very abbreviated version of my thoughts:


  • Pret a Manger — If you’re a reader of this blog, you know I hate pre-made sandwiches.  But don’t be afraid of their pre-made sandwiches.  I’ve been several times now and it’s always fresh and delicious!  I really love their St. Tropez Tuna mayo-less sandwich.  Their roast beef sandwich is OK, but it needs more roast beef. 

Pret a Manger - Roast Beef, Arugula & Parmegiano Baguette  Pret a Manger - Roast Beef, Arugula & Parmegiano Baguette  Pret a Manger - St Tropez Tuna Baguette  Pret a Manger - St Tropez Tuna Baguette  Pret a Manger - St Tropez Tuna Baguette

  • Swarma King — It reminds me a lot of Amsterdam Falafel.  You pick the meat and bread which they then serve you.  Then you go over to the help yourself toppings bar.  Once you’re done with your toppings, you hand it back to them so they can grill it in a panini-style grill.  They cut it in half and you get to eat your creation.  It’s good and cheap!

Swarma King's Swarma  Swarma King's Swarma  Swarma King -- Adams Morgan

  • The Source — Good food but definitely expensive.  Three scallops were $40-something.  And they’re a little too attentive. 
  • Oya – Great place to go for a date or with a client.  Calamari and tuna tempura are delicious! I think they do best with fish more than their beef or other dishes. 
  • BLT Steakhouse — Love all the “free” food they give you when you sit down to eat.  The popovers are to die for.  Definitely expensive, but a perfect place to go when you’re on a company expense account.
  • On the Fly (Chinatown) — Skip the tacos, they’re horrible.  Go for the empanada, much better option.

On the Fly Food Cart Menu  On the Fly Food Cart  On the Fly Pork Taco and Chicken Taco  On the Fly Jamacian Beef Empanada  On the Fly Jamacian Beef Empanada

  • Julia’s Empanada — Ridiculously cheap and a decent meal.  Flaky empanada crust.   I put my Blackberry there so you could see how big the Empanada was.

julias-empanadasJulia's Chorizo Empanada  Julia's Chorizo Empanada


  • Martha Stewart’s Walnut and Brown Sugar Rugelach It was OK and as you can obviously tell, I didn’t shape the dough into a circle.  Instead, I just rolled it out and cut into strips.   The cream cheese gave it a bit of a bite, but I don’t think this dough was worth the extra work.

Walnut and Brown Sugar Rugelach Dough  Walnut and Brown Sugar Rugelach Dough  Walnut and Brown Sugar Rugelach Dough  Walnut and Brown Sugar Rugelach  Walnut and Brown Sugar Rugelach

  • Sour Cream Herb Foccacia Bread — I used my bread machine and mixed everything (except melted butter, 1 tsp of thyme, and cheese) on the dough cycle.  I put in 3 1/2 cups fo bread flour and had to add more water, but as always, pay attention to your bread machine when it’s first mixing to make sure everything is combining.  Meh…I didn’t love it and will next time stick to my other foccacia bread.

Sour Cream Herb Foccacia Bread Dough  Sour Cream Herb Foccacia Bread Dough  Sour Cream Herb Foccacia Bread

Peanut Butter Dog Biscuit Dough  Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits

Thumprint Jam Cookie Dough  Thumprint Jam Cookies  Thumprint Jam Cookies  Thumprint Jam Cookies

  • Cooking Light Autumn Apple Cake — It really was delicious, although I think I’d add another cup of apples to give it an even better apple taste.
    • Cooking Light recipe has 10.6 g of fat; 304 g calories; and 48.9 g carbs.
      • 1 1/2 c all-purpose flour
      • 2 tsp baking powder
      • 1/4 tsp salt
      • 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
      • 3/4 c granulated sugar
      • 5 TBSP butter, softened
      • 1 tsp vanilla extract
      • 1 large egg
      • 1/2 c 2% reduced-fat milk
      • 1 c chopped and peeled apple (I used Braeburn, they recommend Pink Lady or Sundowner)
      • 1/2 c golden raisins
      • 1/4 c chopped walnuts (opt)
      • 1 tsp powdered sugar
    • Preheat the oven to 350 and bake for about 40-60 minutes.  Sprinkle powdered sugar on top

Cooking Light Autumn Apple Cake Dough  Cooking Light Autumn Apple Cake  Cooking Light Autumn Apple Cake  Cooking Light Autumn Apple Cake

I’m slowly, but surely going through all of my posts to identify the ones that will help you use up your milk and yogurt.  I can’t be the only person who tries to use up one of these two ingredients — and it’s nice to use them for something new/different. 

While I haven’t finished identifiying all of them, I am up to page 11.  They are tagged “recipe using yogurt” or “recipe using milk.”  And this isn’t just a couple of TBSP-type recipes either — it’s usually at least 1/4 cup.

It’s been over a year since I started this blog and this is first time I’ve ever gone on a two week blog-cation.  This means that starting today, I will not be posting. 

I need to take a break from posting, but I promise I will resume on January 5th so please come back then!

There will be loads of recipes, restaurants, and other food-related interesting postings.  Seriously, I promise I will return! 

So please please please check back here on January 5th


P.S. This is not my oven, but a girl can dream right?

or maybe you’re not.  But in case you are, the reason is simple.  My 5-year old TV died.  Yes, I was very unhappy because it wasn’t very old.  It had a slow death too.  At first, it just took about 5 minutes before it’d turn on.  Then I had to turn it on numerous times because it’d automatically shut off.  And one day when I came home from work, it just made a sad buzzing sound and never turned on.

So I bought a new TV.  After doing a lot of research, I bought a 52″ LCD flat screen.  It’s ridiculous and I love it. 

It also cost a chunk of change so I’ve been cutting back on going out to restaurants and instead, making a lot of meals at home.  But, give me a few more weeks and I’ll be back on the restaurant scene with my honest reviews.

In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying the recipes.  This weekend, I think I’m going to make some lemon biscotti.  Will keep you posted how it goes!

‘Nuff said.

Yes, it was quite a lovely surprise when I received the email yesterday from the Express.  Thanks Clinton!

If you have a hard copy of the paper, the mention is on top of page 36.  Here’s the online link.

I’m quoted saying:

PHO IS ABSOLUTELY my favorite. It’s fast and easy to make. In fact, it’s become my fallback meal when my fridge is low on food. ”
Whereindc.wordpress.com generally heads out to Seven Corners, Va., to get her Vietnamese soup but recently discovered Pho Time at Eden Center in Falls Church.

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