I added a page, but thought it’d be good to post something here as well.  Basically, I’m looking for your responses for a weekly “What’s in your fridge” column that I’ll be publishing every Wednesday.

A fridge, I believe, says something about who you are — and it’s always one of the most interesting things about a person’s house. 

So what’s in yours?   Email me [whereindc at gmail dot com] a photo and/or bullets with a brief description (and links) of at least 3 items that are always in your fridge.   Make sure to include your name (or some form of identification for your response).   I won’t include your real name unless otherwise instructed.

The way I explained it to a friend is this — if you were going to be gone for a few weeks from your house/apartment, what’s always in your fridge? 

Here’s the template (and my response):