Why do the British always have such brilliant TV show ideas?  I’ve never watched it (honest!), but they had American Idol first.  They had The Office first.  They had Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares.  And now, they have Last Restaurant Standing.

I love this show.  The title is exactly the premise — 10 couples (2 people, not necessarily married/dating) — have the chance to open a restaurant with Raymond Blanc, world renown and two-Michelin star chef.

In the 2 hour second season opener, these 10 couples had to create dishes that would show their vision of their restaurant and prove to Blanc and the other two judges, that they should move on to the next round and open a restaurant. 

Then 9 couples get keys to restaurants in various locations, but all relatively the same size, and they have 1 week to open.  You follow their trials and tribulations (one restaurant had a gas leak so they couldn’t even open!).  Then the other two judges (inspectors and industry experts Sarah Willingham and David Moore) go and see how opening night is working for each restaurant.  They report back and then one of the couples, gets their keys taken away.

The last restaurant standing wins money and support from Blanc.  Absolutely a brilliant show concept and it’s fascinating.  I think it gives folks a wonderful peak at what it’s really like to be “in” the restaurant business.  Love this show!