The actual name of this recipe is a bit silly so I’m not going to refer to it as such since I cannot imagine telling my friends to bake this bread called, “Honey I’m Home Bread.”  While the name is sily, the bread itself is decent.

The loaf turned out beautifully — I mean, take a look at this photo?  Perfect, yes? 

 Honey Bread  Honey Bread

But the problem I had with the bread was that there wasn’t a strong honey taste.  The texture was soft and there was a hint of sweetness, but not enough for me.  Next time, I would add more honey.  Heck, maybe even experiment with not putting in as much sugar and using honey instead.

I put the mixture on the fruit & nut setting for 1.5 pound loaf. 

It was a great lunch bread though.  I made oven roasted turkey and brie sandwiches…yum.