UPDATE 12/08 — Cho Saigon is my new favorite grocery store.  Plus, when I was just there, I found they actually sell super thinly sliced frozen beef in their freezer section!  It’s lean cuts for $3.99/lb.

I know it’s not a restaurant, but it’s a grocery store so close enough!  When I went to Pho Xe Lua, I also stopped into Cho Saigon Supermarket, located a couple of doors down.

I was like a kid in a candy store!  I bought a lot of food including lots of rice noodles (package is <$1.50), dried chilis (8 oz for $4), Pho stock (can’t wait until I make my own Pho!), palm sugar (16 oz for $1.80), fish sauce, soy sauce, etc. 

While I don’t know if they’re the cheapest, I know they had ingredients I can’t find at my local grocery store and usually cheaper.  Their cookie/dessert aisle was so fun — I almost took a photo!  I can’t wait to go back! 

  • Address: 6763 Wilson Blvd Unit A; Fall Church, VA 22044
  • Ph: 703-533-0863