So that does it for my trip to the San Fran area.  Thanks for continuing to read the blog and I hope you were able to at least enjoy the photos/stories! 

I’m back to living in DC now so in that spirit, here’s a restaurant review of a Peruvian place called La Granja de Oro.  You’ll see it because it has a red/brown awning with the words “Rotisserie Chicken” and a wooden (but covered) patio.  Here’s their menu:


  • Food:I ordered the chorizo sandwich for $5.95 and it was good.  I think I got the end piece though of the chorizo so it was a bit tough, but the flavor was good.  I also love fried plantains so I ordered a side to try.  These were OK, but not great.   My favorite are still at Mixtec.  They claim to have the best rotisserie chicken, but I think I “OD’ed” on rotisserie for now.  I want to go back sometime and try it.

Granja De Oro  Chorizo Sandwich  Fried Plantains

UPDATE 10/2008 — I went back for their rotisserie chicken.  I’m bitter it took me so long.  It’s phenominal.  For $6.59, you get a 1/4 piece of chicken (your choice of white or dark meat), salad, and a side of either fries or fried yucca.  I went yucca and it was awesome.  There’s so much food! The chicken is so moist and flavorful without a lot of grease.  They also provide three small sides — one is a salsa verde (hot!), a yogurt-type sauce, and a thicker cream sauce.   BTW, their menu says that they marinate their chicken in their own special sauce in a rotisserie “over natural hardwood charcoal, makingit moist yet practically greaseless.”  You have to try this chicken…and yes, they are the best!

La Granja De Oro 1/4 Chicken with Fried Yucca

  • Service: It was fine.   
  • Atmosphere: I don’t think the restaurant could be more casual if it tried.  You walk in and order at the register then you pick it up on the side.  I think of it as a Peruvian fast food restaurant. 
  • Attire: Casual
  • Price: $
  • Overall: Once I’m over chicken, I’m looking forward to trying their rotisserie.   I have a feeling it’s spectacular.


  • Reservations are not accepted.
  • Hours: 11 AM – 10 PM daily
  • Address: 1832 Columbia Road NW; Washington, DC 20009
  • Ph: 202-232-8888/89