I had bought a package of wonton wrappers at the grocery store, but wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them until I found this very easy and cheap recipe for wonton soup.  According to the Web site, to serve for 4 it costs $3/bowl.  That’s really cheap!

I actually followed the recipe exactly, but instead of using pork, I used ground turkey.  It was equally delicious and lower in fat. 

Here are my photos of the wontons:

Pork Wonton Soup  Pork Wonton Soup  Pork Wonton Soup  Pork Wonton Soup

But here’s the only problem I had — my wontons all stuck together after being cooked.  Since it was just for me and my lunches, it didn’t bother me.  But if you wanted to make them for others, you’ll want to fix that.  How?  Here are some suggestions I’ve found:

Let me know if you try any of these methods and which one works (or doesn’t) for you!