Update 8/26: This morning my neighbor came over to say that Hello Cupcake ruled and Georgetown Cupcake drooled.  Ha ha.  She said that they were so incredibly moist and delicious — couldn’t stop saying enough good stuff.  Her favorite was the you tart!.  She also mentioned that they make their gluten-free and vegan cupcakes in the morning when everything is sterile and clean. 


My office neighbor was really excited to hear that Hello Cupcake! grand opening was today and asked if I wanted to go with (she also offered to bring back a cupcake for me, so kind!).  I decided to venture out in this ridiculous humidity with her and go.

While we were walking there, she was telling me how much she loves Georgetown Cupcake and how she wondered if it’d be as good.

When we went, there was a line almost to the door of the SEIU building next door.  Since I had to get back, I dropped out of line but my neighbor stayed strong and in line.

After returning only 30 minutes after I had, she came back with 4 beautiful cupcakes and a few tidbits.

  • Fox 5 was there to record the opening and interviewing folks (will be airing the interview at 6 PM tonight)
  • There’s a huge pink chandelier in the middle of the cupcake bakery
  • There are 8 tables and chairs inside where you can hang out and enjoy your cupcake(s)
  • The owner’s husband was in the front of the house and was telling folks some interesting factoids about the place including one of the chefs was Tony from Food Network’s Iron Chef (side note – I don’t know who this is and can’t find any mention on their Web site; anyone?)

And for those who were wondering if it’s as good as Georgetown Cupcakes, she said that she can’t give a definitive answer without doing a side-by-side comparison, but did say Hello Cupcake! is definitely strong competition.

Plus, cute packaging!  When she opened the box so I could take a photo, it smelled so yummy!

Hello Cupcake  Hello Cupcake

Row 1 (in the back left) – prima donna; triple coconut
Row 2 (in the front left) – you tart! (gluten free); velvet Elvis