I think it’s about time really, don’t you?  I mean, I have been ordering it from every restaurant. 

So I was looking forward to trying this bulgogi recipe since there were a lot of comments from people saying this was truly authentic.  I don’t know why, but I thought bulgogi was going to be tough to make, but it wasn’t!  It’s very simple!

Like others, I omitted the salt and carrots.  I also increased the sugar to 2 tsp.  I added 2 chopped dried chilies.  The ingredients marinaded overnight and since I didn’t have a grill, I used my wok. 

Homemade Bulgogi  Homemade Bulgogi  Homemade Bulgogi

Cooked until the beef was done and serve over rice.  I like this one much better than most places since the beef I used was very lean.  It was a great combination of spicy and sweet.

I will definitely make this again!