In today’s edition of USA Today, there was an interesting story that said research has shown that if people eat an apple 15 minutes before they eat lunch, they eat 190 fewer calories.

Looks like it’s just another reason to eat those tasty Honeycrisps!

At my office, we’ve recently been in a bit of a battle on whether Arkansas or Michigan is better.

No, we weren’t talking about the football teams, but the Honeycrisp apples.  There are two varieties – one Arkansas (with the green skin) and Michigan (with the red skin).   

 Arkansas v Michigan (Honeycrisp)

Arkansas v Michigan (Honeycrisp)

We’ve conducted a very informal taste test and have concluded the Arkansas ones seem to be sweeter than Michigan. 

So where can you find these little gems?  I bought my Arkansas ones at the Adams Morgan Farmers Market.   The guy there kept saying, “Best apples ever.”  Of course, I was highly skeptical of his assertion, but I have to admit – he was right.  They were fantastic!   

My colleague gets two orders a week (yeah, they’re that good).  On Wednesdays, she goes to the Foggy Bottom/GW Farmers Market and on Saturdays, Falls Church City Farmers Market.   She says both of these locations have the two different kinds of Honeycrisp apples.