UPDATE 9/2008 — This is my new comfort food.  I go here so many times, it’s ridiculous.  My favorite is the spicy chicken bibimbap.  Yum!!!!

A friend of mine was raving about the Bulgogi cart — and with my love of cart food, I was intrigued and looking forward to going.  And avid readers of my blog know I don’t go to the same restaurant because I’m trying to try out as many restaurants as possible.  But in this case, I went twice. 

  • Food: They seem to be mostly known for their bulgogi, but they also serve bibimbap.  While I LOVE, LOVE bibimbap, I thought I should branch out (and besides, I knew I was going to come back). Plus, my friend said the bulgogi was really good.  I ordered the chicken version (they also have a vegetarian and beef one) and spicy.  There was a little Iceburg lettuce covered in a very light (rice?) vinegar and a side of kimchi.  The kimchi was really good and had such a great, unique flavor (of course, every Korean family makes kimchi differently).  The chicken bulgogi was pretty good and a little bit spicy (although they used all dark meat).  My second trip, I ordered their bibimbap (or as it’s on their menu, bibimbab).  While it’s traditionally with beef, I went with chicken again.  So good — it was healthy with a great mixture of vegetables, egg, and rice.  Plus, there’s a ridiculous amount of food — I mean, take a look at these photos!  The one on the left is the chicken bulgogi, middle is chicken bibimbap, next is spicy beef bibimbap, and the one on the right is of the cart (just so you don’t misss it!). 

Bulgogi Chicken  Bulgogi Cart Bibimbap Chicken  Bibimbap with Beef from Bulgogi Cart  Bulgogi Cart

  • Service: When I went, it seemed like it was a very nice mom and son who were working the bright yellow cart.
  • Atmosphere: It’s a cart!  You can only grab and go.
  • Attire: Whatever you want, IT’S A CART!!!  Ha, this is why I love carts.
  • Price: $
  • Overall:For $6.75 $7, this is a great place for lunch.  They offer ample portions in the Styrofoam container of the bulgogi chicken over white rice.  There was definitely enough food for lunch and dinner.  So yummy!  Oh, and here’s the menu:

Bulgogi Cart Menu  Bulgogi Cart Menu  Bulgogi Cart Menu  Bulgogi Cart Menu


  • Hours: 11ish AM-2ish PM Monday-Friday
  • Address: 14th and L (SE Corner of L and 14th Streets between N 14th St & N Vermont Ave) — it’s the bright yellow cart.  You can’t miss it.