Seeing Pike Place Market always makes me think I could handle the 3 months of rain and live in Seattle.  The amazing amount of produce, flowers, fruits, seafood, etc — wow.  It’s a cook’s paradise! 

You’ll definitely want to click through the photos as the vibrant colors are amazing. 


We ate lunch at Athenian Inn and got an order of fish and chips.  They were very tasty and not very heavy.  We realized later it was because it was fried in something that was healthier (can’t remember what it was though).  Anyway, it was packed but we were able to get a seat in 20 minutes.  It’s very casual but pretty tasty.  Their menu has something that would please anyone.  Oh, and it was cheap (our fish and chips cost $7 each)!  While it may seem like a small plate, it was definitely filling.  For those Sleepless in Seattle fans, this is where Tom Hanks and Rob Reiner had lunch in the movie.

Finally, across the street is the first Starbucks.  It’s completely different than the Starbucks that’s in your area.