If you have a guest, client, sibling, or someone who is tough to impress and loves vodka — this is the place.  The Russia House changes their selection of vodkas every so often, but everyone can find something to enjoy on their menu.  Their wine list, wine by the glass list, beer list, and martinis (seasonal infusions change) are plentiful and impressive. 

I’ve never eaten at Russia House (I have heard good things), but I LOVE going there for their mango martini.  But for $10 each, you know you’re not going to drink too many (or you’re going to have a HUGE bar bill). 

When you walk up their steps, you’re greeted by 3 doors.  Each door goes to a different location (so if you’re meeting people, make sure you know which door to take!). 

  • On the right, you go to a little bar with about 10 tables and a big sofa.  Downstairs you’ll find the bathroom and the dining area.   
  • The middle door takes you up the stairs to their main bar and two sizeable rooms — both with their own fireplace (and one has a piano).  There are about 40 tables total in these two rooms.
  • The left door seems to have a small bar as well, but I have to confess I’ve never been in.  My friends and I have always gone to the middle or right door.  If any of you have gone, let us know what’s in the left door! 

It’s a great place to go with a few friends to talk and enjoy some outstanding cocktails — all without having to shout over loud music.


  • Hours:  Monday-Thursday 5 PM-12 AM; Friday 5 PM-2 AM; Saturday 6 PM-2 AM
  • Address: 1800 Connecticut Ave; Washington, DC 20009 (next door to Veritas, across the street from Rite Aid, and on the corner of Connecticut and Florida Ave)
  • Ph: (202) 234-9433