When L and I went to Napa, we wanted to go to two vineyards.  We had limited time and also, let’s be honest — after 3 vineyards (unless you’re spitting it out), you can’t taste the difference.

Or at least my taste buds are fried after 3.  So in that spirit, we only went to two. 

The first was called Stag’s Leap (not to be confused with Stags’ Leap).  I hated it.  Their Merlot was good and their Cabernet was even better.  But it was their attitude that was severely lacking.  I felt like I was imposing on their “chat fest” by visiting.  I thought they were rude and pretentious.  Plus, they had no crackers or bread to help cleanse the palette.  What’s up with that?  It was too bad because while they make good wine, I’ll never order it again.  Oh, and on my flight back — I ended up talking to the couple next to me (and they were with the couple behind me) — we all concurred that this was the worst vineyard in Napa because of their attitude. 

The second was fantastic — Mumm Napa.  Yummy!  Besides the outstanding view of the mountains, we sat outside and were greeted by extremely warm  and friendly people.  They gave us this small plastic container of crackers.  When we ordered, they explained a little bit about each sparkling wine (they can’t call it champagne).   It was truly a fantastic experience and a place I’d highly recommend.

The next time I go to Napa (ha ha, hear that L…I’m looking forward to visiting again!), I want to hit Hess.   I’ve enjoyed Hess for seven years (at least).  I’ve noticed since I first started drinking it, it’s much more widely available. 

Finally, L said the best view of Napa was at Rutherford Vineyard.  It was pretty spectacular.

Rutherford  Rutherford2

And again, I’m no sommelier, but I do think it’s fun!