This week’s installment of “What’s in Your Fridge” comes courtesy of Houndstooth Gourmet.

  • Leftover beef borscht
  • Leftover baked ziti with sausage
  • Grey Poupon dijon
  • Seedless raspberry jam
  • Ken’s light balsamic dressing

“What’s in Your Fridge” will be taking a break until January.  In the meantime, if you want to share your fridge contents, send me an email at whereindc AT gmail DOT com.

This week’s “What’s in Your Fridge” comes from new guest blogger, P3.  To read more about P3, please visit here.

As a reminder, if you want to share the contents of your fridge with WhereInDC readers, please send 3-5 items to whereindc@gmail DOT com.   Trying to figure out what to include?  Ask yourself what’s always in your fridge when you go away on vacation for a week? 

Thanks to C1 for this week’s submission of What’s in Your Fridge?  As a reminder, please send me a few contents of what’s in your fridge at whereindc@gmail DOT com

Thanks to Houndstooth Gourmet blogger, Ramona for emailing the contents of her fridge for this week’s installment of What’s in Your Fridge

Ramona offered a great suggestion — include your leftovers that are in your fridge!  If you want to participate, e-mail me [whereindc AT gmail DOT com] a few items that are always in your fridge and I’ll publish on Wednesdays.

Here’s what is in Ramona’s fridge:

I think this is a great idea and would even include leftovers too! That way we have even more insight into the poster’s fridge psyche…

I also have:

I’m posting this again today because I’m looking for some suggestions for the “What’s in your fridge” column that will be published on Wednesdays. 

Email me [whereindc AT gmail DOT com] a photo and/or bullets with a brief description (and links) of at least 3 items that are always in your fridge.   Make sure to include your name (or some form of identification for your response).   I won’t include your real name unless otherwise instructed.

The way I explained it to a friend is this — if you were going to be gone for a few weeks from your house/apartment, what’s always in your fridge? 

For a template and more information, visit here.