Yes, I know.  Me at a buffet.  It’s a rare sight and occasion.  My friends are still in shock.

Anyway, I went to two buffets.  The first night was at the Bellagio ($30) and the second night was at the Wynn ($34).   Apparently, the Wynn buffet is the up-and-comer in the buffet category while Bellagio is considered the best. 

I would say Bellagio was much better than the Wynn.  Here’s what I remember about the two buffets. 

Bellagio sushi, while they had only limited options (salmon nigiri, tuna nigiri, salmon handroll, and veggie roll), was fresh and good.  At Wynn, there were only three rolls available.  I think they were salmon, tuna, and California (no nigiri). 

Apparently, the big thing at the buffets are the crab legs.  I kept seeing people with these huge mounds of crab legs.  I did try a couple of the pre-opened crab legs and they were good at both places.   

The salads at Bellagio had much better flavor than the Wynn.  My squid salad at Wynn didn’t have any squid (perhaps people had picked it all out?).  

Desserts were hands down better at Bellagio than Wynn.  I loved Bellagio’s chocolate pie, chocolate raspberry cake, and their chocolate hazelnut torte (or maybe it was flourless cake).   The Wynn’s Key Lime Pie was tart and perfect as was their carrot cake with the cream cheese frosting. 

I liked that the Wynn’s buffet was more spread out so it never felt busy (even though the dining room areas were).  Both places kept things pretty clean and well maintained. 

But neither one made me love buffets.  Regardless, I went and thought I’d share my experiences. 

Oh and folks, don’t forget to tip the waitstaff at the buffets!  They are the ones who clean your tables, get you more free ice tea, coffee, water, and soda.  Don’t they deserve a few bucks?