This is the place to go to get the explanation about the prices and categories in WhereInDC. 

Price Guide (including appetizer and main course).  Beverages are not included as your beverage choice may differ from mine.

  • $ – under 15
  • $$ – 15-35
  • $$$ – 35-60
  • $$$$ – 60+

Attire Guide:

  • Business: This means guys need to wear a jacket and denim is definitely a don’t.  Yes, this even means your $150 pair of jeans.  Also, absolutely no flip flops.
  • Business Casual: Women can wear jeans, but with a cute pair of shoes.  Flip flops are frowned upon.  Men should wear khakis at the least. 
  • Casual: Flip flops, t-shirts, and sweatshirts are welcomed and the norm. 

Category Guide:

  • Beer: This means they had an impressive beer list — whether it’s on tap or in bottles (beyond the standards).
  • Client Appropriate: I’m guessing your clients are a bit conservative. Perhaps it’s the CEO or C-level executive that you’re taking out in DC. These recommendations, I promise, will offer the right “scene” for you.
  • Date Appropriate: I’m guessing you’re going on a first date. So where do you go? I won’t include only expensive places, but places that would be fun and casual or upscale. It’s up to you to pick which one is right for your evening.
  • Happy Hour: This means the places that are perhaps “dive” bars or ones that you would want to go with good friends. These aren’t your friends you’re trying to impress. These are the friends that have seen you with the lampshade on your head.
  • Kid-friendly:  I don’t have a child, so I can’t be 100% on whether the place is kid-friendly.  But if I see a kid in the establishment or a high chair, I’m putting down the place is kid-friendly.
  • Parent Appropriate: I’m guessing your parents want good food and comfortable atmosphere. They enjoy a good pizza and beer, but a fine meal at a nice restaurant too.
  • Spirits/Liquor: If this is checked, then it means there was an impressive spirits/liquor collection.
  • Upscale Happy Hour: These places are for the friends that you’re trying to impress. Or it’s for the times when you don’t want to go to the “dive” bar and instead, want to hang out for a mellow evening with a few cocktails. These places will usually have a good wine/liquor list.
  • Wine: This means that there was a long list of wine.  So I have to believe then that it’s good, right?

Comments: I reserve the right to publish (or delete) your comments.  So keep it clean and interesting.

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